“I will always remember the game for other reasons, because I learnt a very important personal lesson. It taught me never to resort to unethical ways and to play the sport with honesty and integrity at all times.” – Sachin Tendulkar.

The competitiveness in today’s era in all forms of cricket i.e. T20s, ODIs and Tests, fitness plays a vital part in developing a sportsperson’s career along with skills and technique. A brilliant catch, runout, cheeky single, one powerful hit, speedy Yorker or bouncer can change the game.17834256_1159265004218798_4004637776056428782_o

In the current era of cricket, along with skill and technique a cricketer requires all fitness components such as speed, agility, flexibility, power, resistance training, core stability, ability to make repeated sprints and a high aerobic capacity.

Training programs must be specific to the fitness components of used muscles and energy systems. Fitness programs should be personalized after deciding the goals and priority of player (Example – A batsman aiming to play T20 tournament has to train accordingly). It must be designed after a proper fitness test of each individual is assessed. These days, unique fitness programs are designed for batsmen, bowlers and wicket keepers. The trainer must train his/her player with what is known as “progressive overload theory”. For instance, in Aerobic activities, it is aimed to increase time or distance or sprinting and in resistance training it aims to increase repetitions or increase in weights.

The old faithful of warm ups and cool downs are a vital part of any fitness session. Rest and nutrition are as important as technique and fitness. If a cricketer stops maintaining fitness, the body’s capacity falls below normal fitness levels.

Correct fitness program designed and followed by cricketers help individuals maintain skill level, lead to less chances of injury, less fatigue during games and helps recover quickly after games, which builds self confidence in the player. Therefore the physical well being leads to mental fitness as well.

In short, fitness gives extra mental strength to cricketers to perform better than opponents OR when two players exhibit the approximately the same skill levels, then fitness gives an edge for selection and is usually the tie-breaker.




  1. Fitness is most important thing in almost all sports but in cricket a player have to be fit to be flexible in field also while batting or bowling … a fitness is most used and shown on a field while fielding… because if a player is fit so he/she can make almost unbelievable and acrobatic catchs and runouts which helps to win those matches…☺


  2. Yes. Fitness plays an extremely important role in cricket and gives a player that much more zing!
    To swing the fortunes in split seconds, fitness is a must along with skill & technique.
    Rohan has really brought out this aspect very clearly.


  3. A prime Fitness level in a cricketer is a key to success in all departments of game whether it’s batting, bowling, fielding or wicket keeping. Fitness goes well with nutrition plus rest and recovery.


  4. Agreed.. Rohan

    To add to above mental staying strong n fit is also necessary.. which can be achieved with good lifestyle routine diet and dedication..

    Changes take time.. Be patient and consistent.. Everyday is a new day…


  5. Rohan, brilliantly written article. It covers almost every aspect of Fitness for a cricketer to up his performance.


  6. Fitness is important not only in sports but general well being as well. Fitness helps you to attain your full potential as a sports person if done in a proper scientific way..


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