“Success comes after you conquer your biggest obstacles and hurdles.” – Stephen Curry.

Today we at Bayside sports will tell you what a workout log means and how you can maintain one.

A workout log is like a map which you draw according to your sport, and at whatever point you appear to be disoriented you just have a look at your log and follow it until you find the area of mistake and it’s that simple. It’s constantly great to glance back at the past and rectify the mistakes you made so that the same issue or injury does not occur 29.jpg

I have often come across a lot of athletes and coaches that don’t really follow a schedule or workout plan and expect an improvement in their specific sport. This is where they go wrong and fail to understand that without a workout plan, it’s hard to understand where they went wrong and what they did right.

There are 8 steps that you can follow which will help you build a plan:-

  • Jot down all the things you need to work on and Design your workout log.
  • Evaluate your fitness level, e.g. – BMI or agility & conditioning tests.
  • Remember your objectives or goals and build up an adjusted routine.
  • Begin from the base and work your way to the top.
  • Plan to include different drills and don’t repeat the same drills so that the workout does not get monotonous.
  • Emphasis on recovery and keep enough rest days, so that there’s no fatigue.
  • Keep tabs on your development to get results and concentrate on improving.
  • Get professional help so that there are no injuries.

From my own understanding as a competitor and mentor I propose every one of the athletes and coaches to focus on this from the early phases of training as it can prompt a considerable measure of change and can prevent injuries.

Sample Workout Log:-

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 1.49.14 PM.png                                                                                               BY SAKSHI ARORA


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