The Great Outdoors

Throughout my childhood I couldn’t wait to swoosh down a slide and soar on the swings while running around the park during usual recess bustle. We raced towards the monkey bars, hopped down the seesaw and ran free with the breeze.

Being outdoors was our time, time to let lose, be ourselves and truly enjoy the crisp wind.

Even today I yearn for the excitement of being outdoors. I’ve channeled my energy to exercise or play a sport outside, giving myself a momentary glimpse into a life of ‘child’s play’, untroublesome and carefree.

Exercise of any kind is good, outdoors especially. After spending most of your day within the confinement of four walls, it’s refreshing to give your body a change in environment.

Being outdoors induces activity which is engaging and fresh. Not only are there several physical benefits but also enhancement of mental well-being.  

Exercising outdoors can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Increased activity levels
  • Improved mood
  • Reduction of stress
  • Improvement of health


You could go for a run, walk, play an outdoor sport or exercise. Personally I can achieve more and perform better outdoors rather than indoors. I feel motivated while playing sports outdoor like basketball and tennis. The space created is one of exertion, healthy competition and oodles of energy. In that moment the adrenaline controls me allowing me to perform better making me feel very satisfied with myself.

Take your health into custody. Stretch your arms out wide and high, it is then that you will realize all that nature has to offer. Make a realistic agenda for yourself and follow an eco-friendly routine to promote contentment and well-being.  

If you have not experienced the joy of running outdoors, playing a new sport or simply taking a long walk, try it once a while. Rejuvenate your mind and body with physical activity. Breathe new life into yourself.


Kylynn Bhathena

 Team Bayside Sports

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