I’ve often seen sports being sidelined by a lot of parents these days as they feel it’s a distraction and will cause their child to stop studying or probably get hurt, They don’t see how sports can benefit their child and they often ignore the learning aspect and child development that comes along with it, when I was in school I often had this lack of confidence issue and now that I think of how far I’ve come I realise that being a part of a sport has really helped me overcome that and it started off as a fun hobby but the way it made me feel when I was on that basketball court  helped me grow as an individual even more since everything about a sport is so unpredictable and it pushes you more and more each day to get better and to work harder to reach certain goals within a time limit and that’s what life is all about every day is uncertain and we do come across failures but it’s just the way we handle them, I guess sports taught me how to get back up whenever I’ve been pushed down with something difficult. It challenges me each and every time to do something more than my capabilities.

Basketball was something I fell completely in love since it made me realise that nothing is easy and being a part of sport requires a lot of dedication and discipline and it also enhances an individual’s social skills and for me that was a major role as I could never imagine how much fun it would be to be a part of a team and it also taught me how to work with different kinds of people or teammates and it helped me to build my leadership quality in certain decision making situations this is something I’ve learned from basketball after playing for years and representing various teams it has taught me how to never give up and be positive until the end.

In my opinion, without sports I wouldn’t be able to overcome these situations and change as a person and which is why it has had a major impact in my life and I hope all the Athletes out there relate to this too.

sakshi arora at senior nationals 2017 - BFI                                                                                                       BY SAKSHI ARORA


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